The Craving of Authentic Hospitality

The entire reason I started Savor was to come along side people just like YOU who desire to create lasting memories, deepen current relationships and foster new authentic ones. And, well, I am secretly hoping to be your friend too, because Lord knows the stronger our tribe, the better… amiright?
I have come to realize that the art of  hospitality that fosters authentic community is deeply craved in our culture; but also a terribly uncultivated and intimidating for most. I even sometimes get a little intimidated and overwhelmed thinking about hosting a party in my home.
But friends it doesn’t have to be! Honest, we desire to be together they don’t care if your house isn’t perfect, they don’t care if you order in or throw some veggies meat and cheese on a plate and call it good and they do not care if your hair and make up are not picture perfect!
People just want to connect, share, laugh, cry, be authentic and genuine humans with meaningful connections!
I of course believe doing this over food especially charcuterie and cheese inspires people to open up and connect more. It’s scientifically proven when people use their hands to do something while talking they tend to feel more comfortable have more authentic conversations and create longer memories.
What is one simple way you can inspire a meaningful connection this week? I’d love to know your ideas!

You are loved!

XO, Amy


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