Top 3 Essentials when preparing for a Dinner Party

I often get asked what are the top 3 things one should put the most effort towards when hosting a dinner party to create a welcoming environment where guests can easily make memories and cultivate community

In my opinion, these are my top 3..

1. Make sure you as the host are as relaxed as possible, comfortable and excited! Guests will sense your stress and interpret that as an inconvenience.Prep and set up early and leave yourself enough time to have a glass of wine or a cool drink of water before your guests arrive.

2. Know your guests their dietary needs, pallets etc. serve food that is good for everyone attending. Try and know If your guests are used to pate and duck confit or spaghetti and Cesar salad and go from there!

3. Create an atmosphere of welcoming. Have plenty of seating, music on in the background but softly and beverages ready to be served (self served or host served).

Hope you soon get to taste the difference togetherness makes!
Xo, Amy.
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