Shadow Side of Hospitality

IMG_0803I’ve always enjoyed throwing parties and having enchanting experiences for my guests!

It can be 2 people or 100, I just love gathering people and watching community being built and memories being made!

There is a little shadow side to being hospitable and being the person who gathers. If I am honest friends sometimes, even though my house is full of people laughter and memories it can be very lonely.

Recently I have had some light bulb moments, some very painful and some,well, enlightening.(it’s hard moving to a small town where you have no previous roots)

For me it’s easy to create and cultivate a place for community to be made, I live for it. But because of that I’ve learned that people assume that I am always surrounded by community and sometimes I get to experience others building community deepening relationships and making memories through their social media posts, not by experiences with them. (This is not a pity party stick with me!)

I’ve committed to being a community builder even if it means people make assumptions to my disadvantage. I’ve committed to being inclusive, to always having my doors open and being known for EVERYONE having a seat at my table regardless of what camp they are in. My motives are not for my own gain but I’ve truly tasted the difference togetherness makes and know that it is vital for all humans to have connection and a #tribe.

I want to encourage you to take one small action to deepen a friendship, start a new one, or create an environment where connection can be made. Don’t just be a consumer! Try not too make assumptions about anyone’s community ties or how much they do or don’t have. Just taken an authentic action towards someone or many and taste the difference togetherness makes!

You are loved and there’s always a seat for you at my table! 

#charcuterie  #savortogetherness  #friendship  #community #hospitality #seatatthetable

#savortogetherness #turlock  #cheese  #dohardthings

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